MUD framework

MUD is a framework for ambitious onchain applications. It reduces the complexity of building Ethereum apps with a tightly integrated software stack. It's open source and free to use.

Deploy MUD to Conla Network

Update to the latest foundry version.


At present, MUD does not fully support zkEVM version. We have modified some packages to be able to deploy MUD contracts to zkEVM. If you are using the MUD framework, please see the instructions below to deploy your game to Conla testnet:

Step 1: Move to packages/contracts folder and clean the folder.

Step 2: Edit the package.json file, then replace the dependencies below:

"@latticexyz/cli": "npm:@conla-network/cli@2.0.0-next.17-batched",
"@latticexyz/world": "npm:@conla-network/world@2.0.0-next.17",
"@latticexyz/world-modules": "npm:@conla-network/world-modules@2.0.0-next.17"

Step 3: Install the dependencies

pnpm install

Step 4: Add Conla network profile. Edit the foundry.toml file, then add configurations below:

solc = "0.8.24" // upgrade solidity version to 0.8.24

// Add the Conla testnet profile
eth_rpc_url = ""

Step 4: Deploy to Conla testnet. Faucet native token here.

pnpm run build && mud deploy --profile=conla-testnet

Wait for the contracts to be deployed.

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